Devil May Cry 5

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Devil May Cry 5

Rev it up one more time for the king has returned! Dante and Nero are back together with the all new V in DMC 5.


The king of stylized combat Dante has returned once more, nearly 11 years since his outing in Devil May Cry (DMC) 4 and 6 years after his somewhat questionable reboot, Capcom has returned Dante back to his wise cracking pizza loving self and what a glorious return it is.

As with all games in the series a new demonic presence has taken a hold of the London-inspired Redgrave City and it is up to Dante, returning protagonist Nero and mysterious new comer V. To battle against the hordes of underworld demons, dismantle the demonic tree Qliphoth and prevent the rise of the demon king Urizen with the help of Lady, Trish and new comer Nico.  What mysteries will our cast discover as they ascend the Qliphoth? And what old foes may be awaiting them in Capcom’s 5th main stay game in the series.


The meat and potatoes of any Devil May Cry is it’s over the top stylized combat, in the past we’ve had the opportunity to play with a variety of weapons from simple swords that can tear through demons. To briefcases that can literally turn into oversized cannons you would see in any Mecha anime.

DMC 5 returns with more weapons than before with three characters to choose from. Each with their own unique styles and quirks the combat in DMC 5 is a true dream to behold, below I will go into brief details on how the characters differ from each other. Along with how their own styles present multiple ways of handling the terrors befalling Redgrave City all the way down to the underworld itself.


Our main protagonist and the wielder of the new Devil Breaker prosthetic arms, last seen as the main hero of DMC 4 back in January 2008. Lots has changed for our hero Nero since his last outing having now lost his Devil Bringer to a mysterious cloaked figure early into the story.

Nero was always seen as whiny and filled with teen angst throughout DMC 4 and DMC 5 reels this in a little bit, presenting situations where Nero can mature and come into his own as a Devil Hunter. However he is still prone to flying off the handle and this shows in his extremely flashy Devil Breakers and Red Queen combos that have the player mashing the shoulder button (L2) in time with each swing in order to produce explosive dives from the air or stunning over the head strikes grounding any demon within his path.

The main stay of Nero as mentioned is his extensive collection of Devil Breaker prosthetic arms equipped with all many of hidden tricks, these come in the form of electric shockwaves, homing rockets and even generating small orbs that slow down time! Every Devil Breaker is a precious resource however and taking damage with activating one of these abilities in any form will instantly destroy the arm forcing you to play extremely carefully. The Devil breakers give Nero a little more punch than he had in DMC 4. Fans of Nero’s previous adventure will find that all his skills transfer over this his older self  including his ability to pull enemies using a wire snatch mechanic that handles as a makeshift Devil Bringer.

The only negative aspect of these Devil Breakers is that it is not possible to switch between them in combat. This forces players to either waste and purposely destroy their current Devil Breaker or plan very carefully ahead of time as to which Devil Breakers they feel will be most useful.

Overall Nero has only improved in this outing, with a flashier arsenal and aggressive nature players more suited to playing a beat-down / ground and pound character will find Nero will be perfect for them.


The new and mysterious protagonist to join the crew, V is unlike any character to grace Devil May Cry before. Unlike Nero and Dante who are all about strength and style V opts to take a more backseat approach to combat. While physically weaker than his demonic co-workers V makes up for his short comings by commanding three familiars birthed from the tattoos upon his body. In battle V take more of arm chair general approach to combat only taking action himself when it is required.

Griffon: the wisecracking monstrous avian acts as V’s ranged form of assault, striking enemies from afar with bursts of lightning while pulling V out of harm’s way on his darkened wings. Griffon acts as a translator for all of V’s familiars, being the only familiar with the ability to understand and speak human language leading to many comical moments not only during combat but outside too. This can become quite tedious after a while as in combat Griffon has limited voice lines, but while Griffon can be annoying he is loyal to a fault and is always on hand to guide V towards his end goal.

Shadow: acting as V’s mode of transportation and main upfront melee attacker, charging down enemies with sheer ferocity transforming himself into multiple bladed weapons or even diving through the ground to shred and tear any demon within his path.

While Griffon and Shadow are V’s main familiars V also has access to Nightmare, a sheer hulking beast that is neigh invincible with unsurpassed strength. Nightmare’s mere presence alters the battlefield itself with massive fists and brutal laser based beams Nightmare can clear the room with relative ease just by himself.

V is an interesting character, with one of the most unique play style throughout the series, sitting back keeping himself out of harms while allowing his familiars to act as his way of attacking really conveys his physically weak and ailing nature. However I did find V to be my least played character overall, he was simply too easy to play with the ability to sit back and build meter very quickly make V’s sections more a walk in the park than they needed to be.


The Legendary Devil Hunter once more returns to the scene, with his over the top stylized combat, Dante takes things to the extreme with his extensive array of customizable weapons and his unique styles from previous DMC games. Dante brings that sense of over the top theatrical game play mixed with the wise cracks that will having you laughing constantly.

Older but definitely not wiser, Dante acts as Nero’s mentor and father figure throughout the game. While he may constantly berate and put Nero down any chance he can get Dante has grown to respect, care and trust his new ally as he fights against the demons of the underworld all while wrestling with the true nature of the Demon King Urizen as if he’s had previous history with him before…

As mentioned Dante’s styles have returned bigger and better than before these consist of Trickster – a mobility stance that features multiple teleports designed to close the gap or escape from hordes of demons on demand. Royal guard, a purely defensive Style able to block and even deflect enemy damage when timed correctly, mastery of the Royal guard style will see demons falling before you with the slightest touch. To compliment these stances Dante also has access to Gunslinger and Sword master once more these two styles give each weapon in Dante’s array unique skills, be it fancy sword flourishes, or pin point explosive accuracy, mastering these styles specifically can lead to some extremely flashy combos which is where Dante truly shines in Combat, his sheer variety of weaponry and styles make Dante a fun to play, but hard to master character.


An excellent addition to the series, Devil May Cry 5 is a must have for anyone of the series with DLC planned and Bloody palace a staple feature in any DMC game coming very soon DMC 5 offers tons of replayability, held back by some minor camera issues and a somewhat clumsy co-op option that doesn’t feel like it fits with the game overall but is a welcome addition that I hope can be expanded upon in future instalments, in closing Capcom has hit the – Jackpot – with this game

Det Bra

  • Tons of Replayability
  • Excellent Story
  • Interesting Combat Styles

Det Dåliga

  • Annoying loading times
  • Poor Camera in combat

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