Dragon’s Dogma 2

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Dragon’s Dogma 2

Efter tolv långa år är uppföljaren till det klassiska rollspelet Dragon’s Dogma här. Var det värt väntan?

One of the granddaddies of RPGs returns yet again over a decade since its original release, does Dragon’s Dogma 2 hold up by today’s standards? This review is based on the PS5 release so I will not cover the plethora of issues that are currently plaguing the PC edition, nor will I cover the drama brought about by its microtransaction system.

Do you have what it takes to fell the Dragon and save the world?

Creating the Arisen and Main Pawn

Rise Arisen and set forth on your grand adventure, will you be the hero of the land? Or will you sit back and let the cycle continue on and on?

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a single-player narrative experience that leaves you free to solve any quest in any way you wish, but before I cover any of this let’s start at the beginning and that is creating the Arisen themselves as well as the Main Pawn, upon completing the opening section of Dragon’s Dogma you’ll come across a Rift stone, as the Arisen you’ll be able to call forth Pawn’s from the Rift itself to aid you in your adventures, but most important of all you’ll have access to your very own Pawn, I’ll what you can do with these features below but first I’d like to touch of the customization features not only for the Arisen but the Main pawn too.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 as quite frankly one of the best create a character options of the modern era, it has really gone above and beyond with it’s customization and really leaves you free to tailor your character and pawn to suit any needs you may have, while the selection of races is quite limited (2) this choice does effect how NPCs in the world treat you which only adds to the story route that are open to you.

The customization is incredibly extensive and I could have spent hours alone making the perfect Arisen, venturing through the world I came across many unique Pawns that players painstakingly created based on their favourite forms of media. Be it anime, other video game characters or re1al life renditions of famous celebrities Dragon’s Dogma 2 has you covered.

Let’s move onto the Vocations as I could easily type over a thousand words just covering this feature alone.


So you’ve made your chosen Arisen, but what Vocation is right for you? While you may feel comfortable playing one vocation the entire way through the idea is to constantly be switching roles in order to unlock all the different abilities possible.

Vocations are broken down into Weapon Skills, Core Skills and Augments, this is where swapping your vocations constantly brings a massive amount of freedom, for example if you primarily enjoy playing Casters in RPGs you may wish to delve into the Thief vocation in order to reduce the rate that enemies target you, mixing different Augments that are all freely used on any vocation can change the entire landscape of a character. I’ll briefly cover the basic vocations you have access to start of the game, throughout your adventure you’ll find more and more advanced vocations that give unique abilities and augments, while some vocations return from Dragon’s Dogma 1 you may find yet another hidden vocation with much like the story as a whole can either be extremely hard to unlock or ridiculously easy.


For the Arisen that likes being up close and personal while soaking up all the damage from any counter, Fighter is the standard “tank” archetype coming complete with sword and shield and heavy armour, timing your shield blocks is key to excelling as a fighter as timing your blocks correctly will quickly drop your foes giving your backline fighters room to safely deal damage. Featuring Augments such as Provocation – Increasing the likelihood you’ll be the target for attacks and as well as several Weapon skills geared towards holding multiple foes, fighter boasts respectable DPS while easily being the most durable vocation around.


The classic long range physical damage dealer, making use of a variety of arrows as well as several different types of shots if you ever wanted to roleplay as Legolas the Archer is everything you could ever want, more suited to the backlines peppering larger foes with precise weakness hitting shots, as well as being the only vocation that can make use of instant boss ending items an Archer while perhaps not as strong as other vocations makes up with this with several augments such as Endurance – Increased Stamina and Lethality – Increased damage to vitals can help bolster other vocations to higher heights.


While some may think of a Mage as a pure caster, Dragon’s Dogma version of a mage is more of a support character than a pure DPS, while you’re still able to follow the typical mage path of throwing fireballs and raining lighting from the sky you’re also the only vocation that is able to heal injuries easily as well as providing weapon buffs to counter any kind of foe that the party may encounter.

Featuring Augments such as Perpetuation – increasing invigorations and enchantments as well as weapon skills to cover any kind of weakness the Mage can become a true powerhouse only countered by its advanced vocation later down the line, but with the ability to heal the party at a moment’s notice teaming with a Mage will always keep your party in fighting shape.


With great speed and deadly precision the Thief is easily one of the strongest vocations even in the late game, favouring pinning tactics as well as having access to excellent movement abilities any Arisen looking to dispatch there foes quickly and vanish into the shadows before anyone notices will enjoy the hit and run playstyle that comes complete with the standard “thief” archetype tropes.

Featuring Augments such as Vigor – Reducing your stamina when pinning/climbing as well as Subtlety – reducing likelihood you’ll be targeted. As well as weapon skills suited to face any foe be they small, flying or even towering beasts of burden a thief will always find a way to bring it to its knees.

While I enjoyed all the Vocations on offer, I ended up defaulting to the Thief even during the endgame and having all abilities unlocked, while I did enjoy other vocations in particular Fighter, Thief has abilities that are simply a class above most of the vocations, it is also extremely easy to get one of the best Thief abilities early invalidating a lot of the harder fights, playing all the vocations and gaining all the stamina boosting augments turned me into an immortal shadow of death that could walk into any pack of foes instantly backstabbing and pinning down priority targets while my pawns took the aggression off me.


Where would the Arisen be without their most trusty Pawns? Crossing the rifts to aid Arisen’s in their ventures Pawns can help fill out the party’s roles or simply be used as backpack mules to carry the plethora of items you’ll come across during your adventures.

So what can Pawns do? Pawns are basically NPC controlled characters that can cover the majority of the same roles as the Arisen, while they don’t have access to all the Vocations they still have access to some of the more advanced options at hand. Are you playing a Mage and need someone to hold aggro? Simply choose a Fighter for your main pawn, or hire one from the overworld, the ingenious feature of the Pawn system is that your world is populated with hundreds of pawns, created by other players, you’ll come across these pawns travelling the world, fighting goblins, encountering great beasts or simply resting on the wayside. For a small price these pawns may be convinced to aid you in your adventures. As the Arisen you’re free to choose any pawn that suits your needs and replace them when required, however don’t forget to reward your pawns as they return back to their masters.

Pay attention to Inclinations as well as any unique abilities that could help your venture as these will determine how Pawns will act not only in combat but also in there general conversations and opinions, for example, a Simple Inclination Pawn with Forager not only shows all upgrade materials on the map but will also rush to pick these items up without you needing to do so. Take heed though as there is tale of a plague that persists through the rift that not even the command of the Arisen can control.


While visually stunning and a joy to play Dragon’s Dogma 2 does come with several issues that I’m surprised haven’t been fixed yet, while there is an upcoming patch that fixes some of these issues I’m about to cover there are still quite a few problems that most likely won’t be covered. First off while I very much enjoyed my time in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and will be returning to hunt some achievement and other beasts of the land the main issues that I have with DD2 is not only is the performance terrible in quite a few places leading to FPS drops as well as stuttering, the inability to have multiple saves (both covered in the upcoming patch) is really frustrating given that without a guide you will easily miss a lot of content on your first playthrough and having to do NG+ several times to finish up things doesn’t make the game fun at all.

The Pawn system while better than its original iteration still has quite a few issues, I lost to many pawns on my venture purely due to them ghosting me, I have no clue where they went, what happened to them, if they died or simply fell through the world they just vanished, that’s not counting how utterly braindead pawns can be, I had several instances where they’d clip into walls, get stuck and even suicide on the spot for no reason what so ever. My worst experience so far was deep into the desert area uncovering the map, finding a chest over a ledge only to turn around to see two pawns just leaping to their death over said ledge for no reason, it wouldn’t have been so bad if a Drake wasn’t also sitting around the corner.

Stamina is also really tedious to manage, if it can be infinite for Pawns as well as while travelling in cities then it should be infinite during travelling the overworld, only decreasing during combat, you’ll be walking a lot… in Dragon’s Dogma 2 as it’s incredibly stingy with its fast travel options and taking the Oxcarts isn’t always an option open to you.

However, having the freedom to solve any quest in whichever way I wanted be it through violence or delving deep into the lore and talking to the myriad of NPCs was an amazing experience that any RPG fan will surely enjoy.

Det Bra

  • Visually stunning
  • Interesting combat and Pawn system
  • Freedom to solve any situation in any way

Det Dåliga

  • Lacks Lock-in capabilities
  • Scaling issues
  • Meaningless Microtransactions

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