Monster Hunter: World

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Monster Hunter: World

Step once more into the world of Monsters. Monster av alla modeller väntar på dig i Monster Hunter: World.

Designed and published by Capcom Monster Hunter: World abbreviated to Monster Hunter: World is the 5th game in the main series of the Monster Hunter franchise. One of Capcom’s main stay series Monster Hunter: World is an impressive and challenging experience, that is filled with nostalgia and wonderfully designed areas that will have new and old players in awe of the improvements made to this series.

Monster Hunter: World has always been about the multiplayer experience which is why I’m proud to see that Capcom has added a more single player focus into the game. The story is very well designed and does a very good job immersing the player into this new world. Players take the role of a member for the Fifth fleet entering the new world with the research Commission, this is in order to study the changes to the new world based on the Elder Crossing. Players will find many more aspects in this game compared to previous titles such as the research and etymology guild members, which have hunters collecting and following bounties such as killing a set amount of large wyvern monsters or collecting certain items from across the new world. These mini quests along with the heavy story focus really add a sense of expansion and immersion to the game. Completing bounties and talking to the various types of NPC’s throughout the game enable the player to unlock further items that players can use to strengthen themselves or make obtaining items easier.

No Hunter is complete without their trusty Palico friend. This furry friend once more returns in Monster Hunter: World as a mainstay and comes complete with a host of new tricks and armour in order to help players venture deeper into the heart of the new world. Take special care of your furry friend as his unique Palico gadgets and unlimited supply of vigorwasps can easily turn the fight in your favour.  This extends further into the multiplayer aspect of the game, hunting with fellow players through either the Arena or in the world itself gives you the opportunity to trade guild cards, these cards show each player’s stats, the weapon they are using a tally of hunts along with various other bits of information. Along with this players may also find their friends Palico’s out on expeditions or hunts when alone allowing for multiple types of gadgets to be used in the field. I feel this is a very interesting way to make the Palico’s a mainstay in the series a lot more unique and expansive, this also improves the multiplayer aspect and encourages cooperation between players as a whole in order to achieve the task at hand.

Fans will be happy to see many of the older Monster Hunter series bosses returning in Monster Hunter: World, from the terrifying Rathalos one of the earliest high end fights within the series, to the more picturesque and calm Kirin. Monster Hunter: World has taken great care when designing hunts, each encounter offers a unique feature and spin to an already well designed set of monsters. Along with the classics there have been many new additions to the cast, all which prove a challenging experience. That being said however there is noticeably less monsters in this game compared to previous titles. This can easily be fixed with the sheer amount of additional event hunts that Monster Hunter: World is presenting players so expect to see some of the older classics in a newer light as the game only improves with age.

Monster Hunter: World offers a plethora of weapons to choose from, each with their own unique and distinctive play style. Every weapon is a returning weapon from a previous game in the series, each with slight tweaks and updated move sets to give them a fresh and updated sense of play style. The amount of weapons to choose from really mean this game never gets too dull. I’m saddened to say however that one of my favourite weapon styles the Tonfa wasn’t added into this game but with the amount of extra content we are receiving I would not be surprised if the Tonfa style made in into Monster Hunter: World sometime in the future. Whether you prefer the weight of a Greatsword or the maneuverability of the Insect Glaive there will be a weapon form for anyone either joining or returning to this series.

Monster Hunter: World’s upgrade system follows a simple weapon tree consisting of multiple base weapons that can each be upgraded after collecting the correct materials from either expeditions or select monster slaying, this feature remains’ largely unchanged from previous games and is a simple way of understanding what you need to collect for the select item you wish you wield. Armour upgrading takes the form of armour spheres which as mentioned above can be obtained through completing the etymology bounty quests along with furthering research into each monster you encounter. Personally I enjoy the way that this upgrade system has been designed, as not only does it force you to return to hunting lower class monsters increasing the replay value. But in order to even see the items required for the upgrade you must research the monster you are tracking. This gives a healthy blend to the upgrade path as it doesn’t just come down to tedious repeat trips to kill one set monster again and again, as the more you progress in research the better the rewards.

In conclusion I really enjoyed this game. Personally I feel that this is one of the better games currently released. Easily a candidate for a game of the year awards even this early in the year. But enough praise from me, fans of the series will love this addition to the series, along with the changes and expanded lore behind each hunt target. This is one of the few games, that while poor in the facial animations and voice acting has a genuinely good story to it. The downside of Monster Hunter: World however is how easy it is compared to say a previous title in the generation’s series, which may find fans hungry for a harder challenge. However I belive this will be offset by the sheer amount of content that could be potentially added through events and investigations. This is definitely one of the better Monster Hunter titles out; it has a lot of room to expand not only its player base, but its overall design and philosophy. Simply put this is an excellent game that you should try at least once, even if you aren’t a fan of this genre.

Det Bra

  • Impressive graphics and storyline
  • Many returning and new monsters to hunt
  • Multiple weapon types to choose from

Det Dåliga

  • Voice doesn’t match up with facial movements in English
  • Not as many monsters to hunt compared to previous titles

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