Resident Evil 3

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Resident Evil 3

Step once more back into the world of survival horror.

Produced by Masachika Kawata and developed by Capcom Resident Evil 3 (2020) as the name implies is the remake of the classic Resident Evil 3: Nemesis released in 1999, after over 20 years of waiting is the remake anywhere close to the original in terms of scares and thrills? Find out below.


A midwestern American town, Raccoon City. Players assume the role of disgraced S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine as she struggles to reveal the devastation caused by the Umbrella Pharmaceutical Company’s evil deals within the Arkley Mountains, following on shortly after the events of Resident Evil 1.

RE3 is very much a companion piece to the previous game, serving as both a prequel and a sequel that ends the story of Raccoon City. Make sure to keep an eye out for nods both forwards and in some cases backwards to other games in the series.

Enter the Nemesis

Along with Jill Valentine and supporting cast Brad Vickers, Carlos Olivera and Mikhail Viktor we have the creature whose name is synonymous with Resident Evil, The Nemesis. Completely overhauled and changed from his previous counterpart the Nemesis is a terrifying monster that constantly stalks Jill throughout Raccoon City. Adding a heavy dose of inspiration from Aliens, the Nemesis will use whatever means he can to destroy his target, from Flamethrowers to the classic Rocket Launcher. Nemesis acts as a driving point to force the player into acting quickly no matter the situation presented.

To combat this terrifying foe Jill has access to the classic arsenal of pistols, shotgun and grenade launcher as well as some interesting weapons which can be earned after completing the game. Sad to say for fans of the classic Resident Evil 3, the gatling gun does not make a return in this version so you’ll just have to make do with that infinite Rocket Launcher this time around.

A returning feature one more is the perfect dodge, timing your dodge at just the right moment will cause Jill to roll away from any creature that you should come into contact with, a welcome addition to this version over the original is the “bullet time” mechanic which briefly slows down the action and gives the player the opportunity to land a free shot against the enemies weak spot. Every enemy comes complete with their own unique weak spot so finding all these key spots will save you plenty of ammo in the long run.

Another interesting feature presented in this version is the sliding difficulty scale, this was featured in Resident Evil 2 but Resident Evil 3 brings this to the for-front including several additional new difficulty settings over its previous iteration.

New to the game and unsure how it handles? Give the Assisted mode a try. This mode will include aim assist far less hordes of zombies to deal with and starts you off with an Assault Rifle from the moment of play.

Think you have what it takes to handle the horde in a real-life situation? Give the nightmare mode a try to experience less resources, far more aggressive enemies and a constant feeling of dread throughout.

For those brave enough to venture through the nightmare there is Inferno mode, even less resources, more enemies and the auto-save is disabled throughout the mode!

Resident Evil 3 has a lot of replayability, but suffers from a short story with a lackluster ending. This is a trait it shares with its original version too but unlike the original, this version is more action orientated. A lot of what made the original interesting, the locations and puzzles have been removed in favor of more frantic run and gun sections. That being said, the expanded cast and the increased use of Carlos Olivera throughout the story is a welcome change. These changes make Raccoon City, as well as the game feel larger than it actually is. While the locations are limited, and some have been outright removed compared to the original it does not detract from the overall experience. Is the original better? Perhaps, does Capcom do a good job in remaking what is one of the most classical Resident Evil experiences? Yes, they most certainly do.


The brand new addition to the RE-franchise replacing the previously established mercenaries mode. Resident Evil Resistance is an asymmetrical-multiplayer survival horror experience pitting four survivors against one Mastermind in a game of chance and skill. Is this a better experience than the classic Mercenaries? Read below to find out more about this highly addictive new online experience.

As mentioned, Resistance is a classic 4v1 multiplayer mode with 4 players assuming the role of survivors, with one player assuming the role of the Mastermind.

It is the Mastermind’s job to ensure that nobody survives the testing platforms, making strategic use of the cameras scattered around the map to observe the playing field. The Mastermind must plot out their course of action quickly to defeat the survivors by any means necessary, using unique abilities built into a fully customizable deck.

On the other side the survivors must band together using their own unique skills and abilities to combat the horrors of zombies, traps, machine gun turrets and superclass BoW’s from several previous installments of the Resident Evil series.

Meet the Survivors

In this mode picking a well-balanced team is key to surviving certain survivors clearly have an advantage over others and can counter certain Masterminds quite easily compared to others, the cast consists of:

Valerie Harmon – A chemist who fills the role of support for the team, her ability to mark nearby items and enemies as well as her abilities to drop an area of effect heal makes her invaluable to the group’s overall survival.

January Van Sant – A hacker who specializes in denying the Mastermind vision of the map while increasing the cost of their deck actions for brief periods of time.

Becca Woolett – A park ranger acting as the main ranged damage dealer, with increased firearms damage and several abilities related to reduced ammo usage Becca is a character designed for people that just love to go in guns blazing.

Tyrone Henry – The de facto tank of the survivor with high HP and incredible defense. Tyrone will lead the charge into any horde with his rally abilities and powerful kicks to push aside any trouble the group may face.

Samuel Jordan – A melee bruiser more at home with using his fists than ranged weapons. Samuel is designed for the players that want to get down and personal with the oncoming horde, with fists swinging Samuel can act as a decent frontline for the less able members of the group.

Martin Sandwich – An odd character to say the least, Martin favors a more defensive style of play preventing the Mastermind from setting down traps while placing his own to protect the group. Equipped with Flash Baton to keep himself out of trouble Martin relies on his smarts rather than brawn to assist the team.


I’ll break this conclusion into two portions, as I feel both portions of RE3 need to be covered to a decent degree on their own merits. Note that this conclusion is not meant to turn people away from the game modes included or detract from the story, these are simply my personal thoughts on the remake of a game that I spent the majority of my childhood constantly re-running to improve times.

Resident Evil – The Remake

So after playing RE3 through all its new additional modes, farming points for unlocks and hunting down those rascally Charlie dolls I came to the sad conclusion that I just really didn’t like this new version of Jill Valentine. Considering you spend a decent portion of the game as Jill this was a big issue, there was a lot of murmuring when Jill’s new design was revealed which I honestly don’t have an issue with, my issue with Jill in the remake compared to every past iteration of Jill and yes I’m including RE5’s “Ninja Bodysuit” Jill is that her attitude and mannerisms are completely the opposite of what Jill has previously been established as.

Now I’m not against the changing of her character to suit the time and overall nature of the game but did she really need to be… For lack of a better word, a complete and total bitch?

It’s become a really bad trend in gaming lately, that the only way to show a strong female protagonist is for her to come off as a complete ass to everyone and everything she interacts with. Jill in the remake flickers between classic damsel in distress and an over the top gun toting badass that replaces every third word with some kind of expletive or condescending remark towards another character just trying to help. You might say they’re just updating Jill with the times to give her more character, but I don’t think this is a good direction to go, the writing just goes against an established character that we’ve come to know over several years. Overall Jill could have been given a lot more personality without having to resort to this.

That being said the overall game itself is amazing, Capcom really took the time to link RE3 back or in this case towards its previous installment of RE2. A lot of little details such as discovering how the two police officers at the start of RE2 ended up mauled in the main hallway was an excellent touch, it wasn’t something that needed explaining. But I’m glad that Capcom took the time to add these little touches as it really makes the game come alive.

There was a lot of love and attention given to this remake and it shows at all points, while the game is overall quite short clocking in at about 4-5 hours depending on difficulty and experience it doesn’t take away from the overall experience, I’m slightly saddened that the majority of the puzzle aspects were taken out in favor of a more action-oriented and feel Capcom leaned a little too heavily on the Alien franchise for Nemesis. But this is a more than worthy remake and I can’t show my praise enough, from perfect dodging the incoming swarm of Zombies to Carlos’s natural swagger this game has it all and continues to impress me on every single run.

Resident Evil Resistance

The first point I’ll make when it comes to Resistance is that I’m glad that Capcom had the foresight to include this into RE3 itself. If this was sold separately as a side IP similar to that of Umbrella Corps in 2016, it would have failed horribly. My time with Resistance was quite enjoyable but as I played there were notable flaws that I feel would need to be addressed in order to improve the overall experience.

My experience of the Matchmaking system was horrible. The majority of games that I took part in were either extremely one sided in favor of the survivors, or utterly impossible to play due to the Mastermind being extremely over leveled. An example of this would be placed onto a team consisting of 3 rank 30 Survivors (myself being rank 3 Val) and a rank 2 Annette Mastermind needless to say there was no challenge to the game at all, no matter what the Mastermind tried to do including using there arguably best card, G-Birkin. It was immediately put down in seconds as we ran around collecting ammo and just forcing our way to the end regardless of infection rate.

Queues times are also another factor that really put me off at the start, given that you can’t earn achievements and gain lower points in modes outside of Random your forced into games where 9/10 times you’ll end up being a survivor or Mastermind, now there is the option to choose survivor or Mastermind but depending on the time of day you play you’ll experience queue times of over 15 minutes! To get into a game especially if you want to play as a Mastermind. To date, the majority of my games have been survivor side as I simply don’t have the time to wait 15-25 minutes to get into a game where the survivors will just rush and end it within 5 minutes.

Negative aspects aside I really do enjoy this mode, while I would have prefered a classic Mercenaries mode with the updated characters and layout this is honestly the better option, the few games where I had the chance to learn and coordinate with others players as we progressed towards our goal of escaping was amazing and the cast of both survivor and Mastermind are both interesting and diverse enough to keep me playing regardless of what I mentioned above. With further improvements and additional content, I’m sure this mode will be a welcome addition to the franchise as a whole.

Det Bra

  • Excellent graphics and beautiful attention to detail
  • Impressive reimagining of an original classic
  • Decent amount of replayability

Det Dåliga

  • Overall very short
  • Unlikeable main protagonist
  • Main villain isn’t scary after first encounter

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