Sonic Origins

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Sonic Origins

A surprising return to classic Sonic gameplay.

Blast through stages once more as the chili dog loving blue blur Sonic the Hedgehog!  As Sonic Origins a spiritual successor to Sonic Mania dashes onto the scene, experience the games that started it all for Sega and brought over 35 years of enjoyment to children and adults alike
Below I will give a brief experience of my time playing each game in the collection as well as some of the issues that are still present within the game that I’m hoping will be resolved with a few hotfixes.

Now experience the game that started it all..

Sonic 1#

We’ll start at the very beginning, every child from the 90’s that owned an original Sega Megadrive system had this game as standard, this is where it all started for many Sonic fans and I’m happy to say that Sonic Origins does this game justice, this a perfect updated version of the classic Megadrive game, dash through several stunningly crafted zones with updated graphics and gameplay from Green Hill Zone to Scrap Brain rush with Sonic Speed to the goals while collecting rings, saving little animal critters while foiling Dr Robotnik’s plans of gaining all the Chaos Emeralds.

I had zero issues throughout my time with this game and was delighted to see how much care and detail was placed in this game, the graphics, the classic music as well as the new cutscenes introduction the story in a much more suitable way made the experience a much more enjoyable experience and a pure nostalgia trip for a returning player to the series.

Sonic CD#

I’ll cover Sonic CD next as many players may not know, Sonic CD and Sonic 2 were worked on concurrently with Sonic CD actually taking place after Sonic 3 and Knuckles but being released before Sonic 2.

Sonic CD or Sonic Collision Chaos was one of the few games in the series that I was unable to play as a child due to not owning to Sega Addition of the CD drive so this would be my first time experiencing the game, I’m happy to say that I had no issues while playing this Origins version and being able to experience this game for the first time admiss the classics that I had grown up with as a child was a very stark change to what I had been used too.

Sonic CD’s story was one of confusion and headscratchers given that it’s all regarding time-travel hitting those all important Past/Future panels really changed the game up entirely, one moment I could be running around a metal encased jungle just to hit a Past Panel at high speeds launching me back in time to when the zone was nothing but a vibrant jungle filled with animal and plant life. These constant changes throughout each zone did become tiresome after repeated attempts to foil Metal Sonic and save Amy Rose – (Sonic’s unrequited love interest)  from danger

Sonic 2#

This was the one game in the collection I was looking forward to the most, Sonic 2 was my most played game during the Megadrive-Era.

Sonic 2 is the continuation from Sonic 1, Dr Robotnik is back to his evil plans attempting to steal all the Chaos Emeralds once more to power his mega space station the Death Egg and Sonic must once more rise to the challenge, with new comer Miles “Tails” Prower, Sonic 2 was the first in the series to offer co-op, I’m pleased to note that the co-op is still present within Sonic 2 but that much like it’s original this is limited to local co-op only while fitting in with the classic I had hoped that an online mode would have been included to play with friends.

Along with the above gripe, this was also the version of Sonic 2 that I’ve had the most issues with ever… I was extremely disappointed by this version of Sonic 2 as it contains numerous bugs that don’t seem to afflict the other games in this collection, these ranged from just randomly falling out of the stages for no reason, getting stuck in terrain such as hills and walls for seemingly no reason other than Sonic was just going to fast as well as terrain only choosing to function as terrain when it wanted too, there was many a time during Oil Ocean Zone that the background and foreground items where just not functioning leading to Sonic being unable to progress as intended through the level.

The most pressing issues I had with this version however was Tails himself. Tails in this version is basically an afterthought at least in Anniversary Mode through several playthrough I was able to replicate several issues with Tails, these included Tails getting stuck in walls, and refusing to respawn when exiting an area of the zone leading him to spamming the jump button repeatedly as he tried to escape, it become very tiresome speeding through a zone trying to enjoy the music and nostalgia only to hear the constant SFX of Tails jumping again and again on repeat because he had gotten stuck once more within the first 20 seconds of the zone.
Hopefully a hotfix will resolve these issues as I did not experience the same issue in Classic mode as often as I did in the anniversary mode.

Sonic 3 and Knuckles#

Last but certainly not least we have Sonic 3 and Knuckles, after defeating Robotnik and destroying the Death Egg at the end of Sonic 2 Robotnik lands on Angel Island to find latest character Knuckles, with little convincing Robotnik enlists the held of Knuckles to defeat Sonic, stealing the Chaos Emeralds once more to fuel his evil plans.

While Sonic Origins allows you to play as Sonic, Tails or Knuckles through the classic modes for all the games in the collection this is the first outing on the mainstream title line for Knuckles, each character has there own unique characteristics that change up the gameplay on each playthrough, be it’s Sonic’s new shields that allow him to turn into fire, gain additional bounces or collect rings as he speeds through the zones, Tails ability to fly or Knuckles being able to Glide as well as climb up stages there are several new ways of clearing each zone all leading to different ways to battle Robotnik’s new machine menances.

This would be an almost perfect version of S3K but there is one glaring issues with this version and that is the music, due to legal issues with credits the BGMs for certain zones have been notably changed, as these changes are not for the better which lead to some quite disappointing experiences as while the prototype music for certain zones (Carnival Night Zone for example) was perfectly fine these zones contain BGMs that have been remixed based on the prototypes which was just a shocking choice overall.

Still a great game and a good way to end the collection overall, I had no issues outside of the BGM changes which are entirely understandable given today’s situation and changes.

Changes and New Content:

All these classic games come with several additional modes and changes to keep the experience fresh and exciting overall, Origins features the Anniversary mode for all games in the collection, a new way to experience the classic content in 16:9 aspect ratio, Anniversary Mode forgos the classic experience of binding you to lives and living with failure onthose all important special stages where in the past you might have just needed one more chance.

Rather than Lives Anniversary modes allows for infinite lives and replaces the titular lives system with the first new feature, that of Coins any instances that would gain you an extra life, be it from a score, rings or one of those handy hidden screens rather than adding to your live counter you’ll gain a Coin, these Coins are later used on the second piece of new content The Museum but more of this later.. Coins also allow you to replay any of the minigames included in the series should you fail by offering at least one coin per attempt.

Classic Modes, the original 4:3 aspect ratio mode of the original series that put Sega on the map, experience the Sonic series in all it’s insane wonder while maintaining the remastered visuals of the Anniversary Mode, Classic mode brings it back to the old school with limited lives and a game over screen should players lose all remaining lives.

Boss Rush:

Experience every boss fight in a row for each individual game in the Classic style of Sonic, Sonic CD, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Tackle all the classic bosses with updated remastered graphics while trying to hold onto your rings and lives as the encounters with Dr Robotnik get harder and harder.

Mirror Mode:

Replay Anniversary mode with a new spin by flipping everything on its head in Mirror Mode, seeking a challenge after running towards the right side of the screen for so long? Now do the same but this time go left, a very interested addition to the content that gives a challenging experience on the later stages of the game where precision platforming is a key component to survivals.

Blue Spheres:

A exclusive mode only featured in Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Blue spheres replicates the classic minigame used throughout the game to gain access to the Chaos Emeralds, a good way to practice before trying a classic run but did leave me with a small hope that an update would include all the other classic minigame modes would be available throughout the series.

Story Mode:

Experience the entire 2D adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails and Knuckles as you progress through all four games on offer starting at Sonic 1 and ending on Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

This a true way to follow the cannon original release date of each game, this is a pure treat of a mode growing up many players may never have experienced Sonic CD and to see it be the second released game but taking place after Sonic 3 and Knuckles really brings the lore into question for fans of the series.


Mission mode, this is where you’ll grind the bulk of your coins in order to unlock the Museum content mentioned below, take on missions on varying degrees throughout the collection from Sonic 1 to Sonic 3 and Knuckles the mission mode makes for a unique experience that makes full use of all the anniversary changes for each game.

Clear a certain zone within a time limit while making sure to kill x amounts of enemies? Check
Clear within a set time limit while holding x amount of rings? Check
Clear the mission while taking no damage? Check

Mission mode makes full use of each games unique features and blends it all togethers into a fun experience that will have you going back again and again to S rank those brutal 5 star challenges, add into this that DLC is also on offer to unlock further missions and this mode bring a lot of replayability to a game that already has a lot to offer.


We’ve finally come to the key reason for collecting all those coins during gameplay and mission modes, the Museum is broken into three different sections –  sounds, illustrations and movies.

Each section is broken into a further two portions of Normal Collection and Premium Collection, Normal collection is unlocked by purely playing the game that includes unlocking that of zone sounds as well as cutscenes, the main bulk of the unlocked content comes from the Premium Collection area and this is where the coins show their true purpose, exclusive never before seen content – BGMs, Original concept art from each game and all new Cutscenes made purely for this collection, the Museum is a trove of content highlighting 35 years of Sonic as a character.


Sonic Origins is yet another attempt to cash in on the nostalgia of the classic era of Sonic, while the game does have numerous issues as well as a lot of controversy surrounding some frankly baffling changes to it’s music cues, Sonic Origins is a near perfect way to experience the classic for anyone that’s new to series and looking to see the games that created the legend for Sega that is Sonic.

If you already own some of most of these cult classics by other means I don’t think the high price tag would really be justified for you, while the additional content as Museum mode adds a lot to the overall experience this is a collection designed to bring the newer generation back to the hay-days of 2D Sonic, as a collection itself Sonic Origins is the go to way now to experience the classic era of Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog.

My key issues with Origins is the high price tag and the offering on launch of DLC content for BGMs and Museum content that should honestly have been included, adding Sonic Spinball or Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic Blast would have been a good call overall to help smooth over that rather high price-tag.

That being said, this has been a highly enjoyable experience, getting to replay some of the classic games from my childhood,as well as one that I was never able to play previously all in one collection is a thumbs up in my book.


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Det Bra

  • A collection of cult classics bringing a new generation onto Sonic
  • Beautiful new cutscenes as well as as never before seen extra content
  • Extra modes add a lot of replayability

Det Dåliga

  • Original games have been removed from Online stores in favor of this collection
  • Sonic 3 and Knuckles Music track replacements are a poor replacement for the original
  • Numerous glitches and bugs that can ruin the experience

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