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WWE 2K19

Can you smell what 2k is cooking? Nytt karriärsläge och Showcase Mode är två nyheter I 2019 version av 2K:s WWE-serie.

Throwing their hat once more into the ring 2K is ready to set up for a People’s Elbow on the 6th instalment to the ever expanding franchise. Does 2K pull off the 1,2,3 or does it fall flat on its face? Take a trip once more between the ropes with one the largest and well polished games to date.


The bread and butter of any Wrestling game, does 2K19 fix some of the issues plaguing this mode from its previous instalments? In short yes, this year’s MyCAREER mode has been one of the main focuses (the other being Showcase Mode) of 2K19 – Starting out as a run of the mill Indie Wrestler trying to break into WWE, 2K19 detracts from its previous instalments by not  placing you in NXT from the start. This time around the player fills the shoes of their own created superstar in the indie promotion BCW headed up by a returning character from previous games Baron Blade. This entire career mode is fully voiced and doesn’t take itself as seriously as previous instalments. Expect to hear over 1000 lines of custom voice-over work from current WWE Superstars and well returning cameo appearance.

MyCAREER mode really pushes the RPG aspect of the game giving you full control over how you wish to increase you’re stats based on a selected style chosen at the start of the mode by allowing you to choose each individual perks you want using Style points, feel that you need more resistance to damage? Dip into the defence tree. Want to play a more technical ground and pound style? Then focus more on grappling offense, the level of customization is the key factor here as you slowly develop you’re indie wrestler with truly terrible stats to the big time player in WWE.

I really enjoyed this mode although it does present some issues while the level of customization is utterly amazing it is also this modes downside, the lack of moves makes it really hard to tailor you’re superstar to your specific stats, the skill tree implemented is staggering in terms of size and can take a full 30 seconds just to reach the top from the bottom. Adding a further sub-style only adds to amount of grinding required to reach the top and I was deeply saddened to know that once I picked a sub-style there was no way to change this outside of making a new character. During my time in this mode I did run into some frustrating issues however, particularly when facing some of the tougher matches where multiple superstars where all attempting to stand on each other to attack the same person. That being said, this mode still functions very well in comparison to previous instalments and was an excellent experience from start to finish with some truly classic moments.

MyCAREER mode is the full WWE experience, which includes a very well structured online mode for player vs player events and oddly enough a feature taken from Mortal Kombat of all things a MyPlayer tower mode. These towers rotates every few days and consist of gauntlet style matches rewarding in-game currency to unlock further moves/attires and entrances this is the defining point of WWE2K19 which I will talk about later on in the review.

Showcase Mode

Showcase Mode is the second area that 2K went all in on, focusing primarily on WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan’s long journey from the indies. All the way to some of his most classic WWE matches featuring highlights throughout his tenure with the company, this serves as a great parallel to the MyCAREER mode with excellent cut-scenes and vintage clips from Daniel’s point of view from his time in RoH (Ring of Honor) this is a very deep and well crafted experience that truly lives up to all the hype surrounding it. I can’t overstate how impressive the level of detail this game has, which continues to improve upon each year. If you’re a fan on Daniel Bryan, or a fan on wrestling in general this mode with give you a deeper understand of what these performers go through and sacrifice to reach the top of the mountain. Get ready to re-create some of Daniel’s classic matches over the past 15 years as you continue to unlock classics arenas, superstars, attires and championships.

Creation Suite

Returning back to player customization, WWE 2K19 has the largest creation suite ever to be present within a wrestling game. Everything you could think of you can customize, want to make your own custom MITB (Money in the Bank) briefcase complete with your own design and texture? You can! Want to make a custom title which you can then defend online with your friends? You can! As mentioned the level of player customization is truly staggering and this doesn’t just extend to purely the player’s character. Have a favourite WWE Superstar but feel they could do with a custom tune-up? Or simply a new outfit? You can! This was the one feature that amazed me as I continued to play, being able to change and create as I saw fit was a very welcome feature that I honestly spent hours of my time on. In fact the only thing I couldn’t edit was a pre-existing Superstars Stats which will most likely be added in at a later date.

With this level of creativity comes certain restraints and it’s a big restraint. This is seen most prominently within the My Player section of the game, most of the content is locked behind an in-game transaction payment using points and tokens earned through continual play. Some item are so expensive that you’ll be spending over half you’re current starting points to get, I do enjoy the choice but restricting the freedom to this degree and locking it behind randomly generated pack openings really limits players that aren’t willing to grind for hours for unlocks.


Random pack openings aside, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with WWE 2K19 and will continue to do so for many months. 2K took a different direction with this game and it shows, the level of detail and creation is top notch. This edition to the franchise more than earns itself a spot on any wrestling fans shelf. Hopefully 2K can continue this trend and fix some of the existing issues previously mentioned for the next instalment; a bit more freedom with move-sets as well as a future option to change commentators would really push this game to new heights.

Det Bra

  • Amazing level of detail
  • Excellent MyCAREER Mode
  • Full freedom of creation

Det Dåliga

  • Commentators are repetitive
  • Unlocks locked behind random Pack openings
  • Targeting issues with more than 4 Superstars at once

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