WWE 2K24

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WWE 2K24

2K Games är tillbaka med ett nytt wrestlingspel i WWE 2k-serien. Hur står sig spelet jämfört med AEW Fight Forever.

Game Modes:

Before I cover the variety of different game modes on offer I will state that this experience was run on PS5 with the FORTY YEARS OF WRESTLEMANIA EDITION DLC additions, aside from being mostly an Accelerator pack with some additional bonus outfits and cards nothing is different, so if you’re worried by the frankly poor wording displayed by this DLC know that even if you buy the standard edition you won’t be missing out on the on the Showcase of the Immortals content on offer. I will talk about the DLC additions for each mode as we go through them just to state the differences you may experience overall.

New Match Types

What would 2k24 be without adding in multiple new match types to a frankly quite staggering amount already, with the release of 2k24 you’ll now have access to the long awaited Casket,Ambulance, Special guest referee and Gauntlet mode updates, while the game is still missing other classic match types like the Inferno or Buried alive match the sheer amount of total match types and versions on display is sure to bring a smile to any wrestling fans face, assuming you don’t run into several of the more annoying glitches that come with having more than two wrestlers in the ring at the same time.
Along with these new match types I will also briefly cover some of the gameplay upgrades that are on full display right from the get go, Trading blows is a new minigame that can occur during back a forths, make use of perfect timing to win the trade of blows and take advantage as your opponent is reeling. Super Finishers, stock up to three finishers during your match and you’ll be able to pull off the Super finisher, this will ensure that your opponent is unable to make use of the payback mechanic (an excellent way of taking down 85+ rated superstars) and make it almost impossible to kick out all.


Aside from classic match, MyRise makes another return as the premier Create a Superstar play mode, as with recent games in the series MyRise is broken into both a male story (Undisputed) and a female story (Unleashed) here I will briefly cover the overall story of each and well as some of the issues that I found when playing through this mode. If you shelled out for the 40 years of Wrestlemania DLC you’ll also start each story mode with access to 200 stat points allowing you a massive boost in power from the get go making the entire experience that much easier overall.

Undisputed (M)

Roman Reigns after running the show for over 1256 days as Undisputed WWE Champion shockingly vacated his title and ventures into Hollywood to once again prove he’s a dominant force no matter where he goes. This leaves massive shoes for the Create a Superstar dubbed “Dark Horse” to fill, a relatively no name character that has already been in WWE for 2 years with nothing to show for it gets the chance of a lifetime to break one of the longest streak to come to WWE since the late great Bruno Sanmartino.
Silence the doubters as you venture though multiple different pathways teaming with some of the biggest names in the industries  turning away challenge after challenge to break the streak.

Overall Undisputed is the more serious of the two story modes, however while more serious it does come with quite a few issues that while not as present in Unleashed still had me scratching my head. The biggest issue I have with this mode is it’s timeline and continuity is all over the place, for example, I can have a match with a what’s dubbed a 346 day reign and then suddenly jump up to a 666 day reign but using the social media and DMs included in both mode see that the last match I took part in was during the 346 day portion. So where did I go? Is the mode saying that the 4-5 matches I had before the jump covered close to 300 days?

Along with this some of the Superstars included in this mode just come off as unlikeable and frankly out of character, you wouldn’t expect a (Face) or Good guy character to ditch you halfway through a match for little to no reason, that’s more of a (Heel) or Bad guy type of trait that really did throw off some of the Superstars overall. However, aside from these issues Undisputed is the de facto “Finish the story mode” with multiple routes and ending it will take a while to unlock everything on offer.

Unleashed (F)

Step into the boots of “The Cap” a founder of indie wrestling show TBD as she gets the chance of a lifetime in WWE, under the wings of veteran superstars and RAW GM William Regal, Cap will find out what happens when she’s finally free to fully Unleash her talents in what some would call the big leagues.

Unleashed is definitely the full package and is far longer than that of Undisputed, containing several smaller stories within you’ll go through many persona changes as you work your way up the roster to that all important Wrestlemania main event.
Unlike Undisputed, the timeline and continuity completely makes sense and honestly takes far more chances than the male version allowing for a more well-rounded and in a lot of cases comical experiences. During Unleashed you’ll also have the chance to play as fellow TBD superstar “Psycho Sally” in her WWE NXT adventures.While I loved the additional stories included within this mode I couldn’t help but feel frustrated throughout the experience, Cap flip flops traits and personas so frequently that in most cases I was voting against Cap throughout the vast majority of the story and in most cases Cap was the villain it was a nice change coming from Undisputed but I still would have liked to play my wrestler in the way it was originally designed.

I’ll take this moment to comment of the creation system included that these CAS’s will end up using and going back to multiple times with unlocks, WWE2K has always packaged some of the best outfits, move lists and entrances within there games and 2k24 is no different, the amount of customization on offer is frankly staggering, from outfits, move lists, to making your own arena along with Money in the Bank briefcase you truly have a lot of freedom to really tailor the show to your own style. With several unlocks in the MyRise campaigns on offer, 2k24 really gives you the tools to make the Superstar that you really want.


We’ve reached another returning mode to the series here and boy do I have a lot of issues with this one, but before I delve into one of my biggest issues with the game in general, I’ll cover what this mode actually includes for people that perhaps haven’t played this mode in previous iterations.

MyFaction is in short a card collection system, starting out with lower tier cards in your venture to the top. Open packs, clear events all while tailoring your own superstar faction consisting of 8 superstars (4) Male and (4) Female to suit whatever needs you may come across.

Much like in its previous iteration, 2k24 comes complete with several different modes including Quickplay, Towers and Faction war modes all with their own different rewards and requirements. 2k24 also includes the new Proving Ground system which gives players starting out a bit of a leg up on the competition if they’re lucky enough.

DLC owners get even more of a boost with the Nightmare pack giving you access to two unique Faction cards based on the Rhodes family – Dusty Rhodes and Mattle Bruised Cody Rhodes.

Now we come to the biggest issue I have with this, playing through MyRise ultimately gives you far superior cards to even that of the DLC releases making them quite frankly worthless outside of a specific event that can only be played if you own those cards, at its current state there is no reason to buy or pull any kind of card in this mode at all.
This isn’t the only problem as while there are options to pull legendary cards and similar the ranking system and the rates on these packs/boxes as well as the price is simply shocking.

To give an example – you can either spend points earned within MyFaction or spend real life money on VC tokens – In order to buy a box of 20 packs in MyFaction containing the best rates it would cost you at least. £53.98 for one box of 20 packs each containing 5 cards meaning I would be paying almost the price of the Standard edition for cards that quite frankly are no better than the ones unlocked in MyRise. This is frankly shocking and turned me away from the mode all but immediately, I’m aware these practice happen in other sporting games but I’ve never known a game to be charging this much for virtual currency, I know this occurs in FIFA for example, but at least with £53.98 I would have a chance at getting a 99 ranked player, however in MyFaction you can’t even pull for the highest ranked cards yet.

WWE Universe

Build the rivalries you want, set the champions you want, including a new Sandbox mode you’re free to set the course of WWE for years to come. Give the chance to an up and coming wrestler? Or keep a foothold on the titles for longer than Roman Reigns, the option is yours, either designed the fights yourself or drop into a mode that’ll do it for you, while not as story driven as MyRise, WWE Universe lets you build the Universe that you want in the way that you want.

Here is where I started to come across the glitches that have plagued this series for several games now, from wrestlers getting stuck in the walls, stuck behind referees, glitching in place, moonwalking across the ropes. I would have hoped at this point these glitches would be a thing of the past but hopefully they can be resolved quickly as it can quite frankly ruin the experience overall.


You run the show! Build your own roster from over 200 superstars, build rivalries with the other shows, book championship matches and crush your opponents in the ratings to have the greatest show on television, pick from the classics RAW/Smackdown and NXT 2.0 or go with the old school WCW/ECW routes.

With additional GMs to choose from now including Paul Heyman, Teddy Long, William Regal and the Million Dollar man Ted Dibiase all with there own unique power cards and bonuses MyGM is the premier mode for anyone wanting to feel like a true member of the backstage production team.

ShowCase of the Immortals

Finally we come to Showcase of the Immortals, battle your way through 40 years of Wrestlemania by beating 21 unique and handcrafted fights based on some of the biggest main event feuds to date within WWE.

With the likes of matches such as Andre the Giant vs Hulk Hogan to that of the first womens main event of – Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair there is something to please everyone.


While I had several issues throughout my experience as listed above, I can still say that while this game has some shocking practices and numerous bugs and glitches that should be fixed in future patches I still had quite a lot of fun throughout my playthroughs however even with these issues this is still a much better game than AEW Fight Forever.


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Det Bra

  • Story mode content good length
  • Good line between serious and comical
  • Massive amount of customization

Det Dåliga

  • Horrible Monetization plans
  • Glitches and bugs a plenty
  • Vast amounts of redundant customization content

Skriven av: Steve Gilman