Who Are The Best Fortnite Players In The World?

Fortnite has racked up more than 350 million registered players and emerged as a full-blown cultural phenomenon since it launched in the summer of 2017. This supremely popular battle royale title has legions of devotees on every continent, but a handful of superstars now reign supreme when it comes to competitive play. These are the 10 greatest Fortnite players in the world:


The 16-year-old from Pennsylvania was on fire at the inaugural Fortnite World Cup in 2019. He finished well ahead of the competition to walk off with the $3 million top prize in the solo tournament, and his exploits sparked headlines around the world. He spent six hours per day playing the game, and all that practice paid off. He displayed astonishing build speeds throughout the event, and he was able to make precise, elaborate edits while taking on his rivals. His boldness and aggression then allowed him to lay waste to his rivals as the games progressed. Bugha is the highest earning Fortnite player of all time thanks to his success at the World Cup, and he has become a major celebrity within the community.


Austrian star Aqua has been the most consistently brilliant player in Europe over the past few years. He teamed up with Nyrox to win the duos event at last year’s Fortnite World Cup, and he was the star of the show as they won the final two games to seize the title. Aqua then teamed up with Tschinken and Stompy to win the FNCS trios, and finished well in the squads event. He has continued to play with Stompy and secured a number of top five finishes in European Fortnite events, and his career earnings now stand at an impressive $1.9 million.


Zayt is a key figure within the North American Fortnite scene, as he organizes practices and events for players and serves as a community leader. He is a model of consistency as a solo star and when teaming up with Saf for duos events. Zayt and Saf led the duos event at the World Cup until they suffered an early elimination in the final game and fell down to fourth in the leaderboard. Zayt also finished 36th in the solo event, showing just how versatile he is. He has consistently finished in the top 10 at FNCS tournaments since the World Cup, and he also emerged victorious alongside Saf at the ESL Katowice Royale 2019 event.


The ying to Zayt’s yang has also enjoyed a fantastic career as a Fortnite pro. He has not quite had as much solo success as his partner in crime, but he did finish second in the Secret Skirmish Series 2019. His building and editing skills are impeccable, and it is a joy to behold Saf and Zayt working in tandem to finishing off their rivals in big tournaments. They are often among the favourites in the Fortnite betting at Unikrn, and deservedly so.


The British gamer was just 15 years old when he finished second in the duos event at the Fortnite World Cup. His mother admitted she had thrown away his Xbox after growing sick and tired of how much time he spent playing Fortnite, but he reaped the rewards of his dedication and walked off with $1,125,000 for that runner-up finish alongside Rojo. Since then Wolfiez has gone from strength to strength. He is the Fortnite top earner of 2020 after securing a number of impressive results, including a runner-up finish at the FNCS Invitation Grand Finals: Europe in May. He has now signed up with UK esports franchise Excel Esports and the sky is the limit.


British player BenjyFishy and Norwegian star MrSavage won many admirers for their bold and exciting play at the World Cup. BenjyFishy’s maturity shone through at interviews, and his broad smile endeared him to many gamers. Yet a ruthless competitor lurks behind that cuddly exterior, allowing him to win a number of high-profile Fortnite tournaments. He finished ahead of compatriot Wolfiez to clinch the FNCS Week 2: Europe crown earlier this year, and he teamed up with Wolfiez, Mongraal and Nayte to finish second in the FNCS squads.


American teenager EpikWhale was one of the stars at the show at the Fortnite World Cup last summer. He won $1.2 million for finishing third in the solo event, and took home an extra $50,000 for his 12th placed finish in the duos. EpikWhale is the best player in the NA West region, and he has consistently excelled at important tournaments. He plays for NRG Esports and can also be found regularly streaming on Twitch,


Tfue was the only celebrity streamer to actually qualify for the Fortnite World Cup and he carried a great deal of momentum into the tournament. He flopped pretty badly, which tarnished his reputation somewhat, but he remains a fantastic player. He has secured multiple victories at Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series and FNCS events, and he is the 19th highest earning player of all time, despite his struggles at the $30 million World Cup. He remains extremely popular due to his magnetic personality, and it will be interesting to see if he can hit the heights once again as his career develops.


Bizzle was one of the first superstar Fortnite gamers and he was the world’s highest earning player before the Fortnite World Cup. He could only finish 23rd in the solo event at that tournament, but he has consistently finished in the top five of several big events. Bizzle is an influential member within the Fortnite community and his formidable skills are clear to see whenever he parachutes into battle.


The Norwegian is already a Fortnite legend after playing the game at elite levels on the highest sensitivity possible. He won many fans on the back of his exploits at the Fortnite World Cup, as he finished 14th alongside BenjyFishy in the duos and 29th in the solo event, and he has continued to show his prowess ever since. He prevailed at DreamHack Anaheim 2020 after delivering a classy performance, and he is still just 15 years of age, so it will be fascinating to see how he develops as a player.

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