Resident Evil 7 biohazard

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Gold Edition

Survival Horror, en genre för den modige. Resident Evil-serien har pendlat mellan denna genre och action. Nu återgår spelserien till sina rötter.

Developed by Capcom Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (RE7) is the next addition to an already well expanded universe. RE7 brings the series back from intense action thriller to its original survival horror routes. Biohazard achieves this through the use of beautiful environments and a fixed first person perspective a first for the series that is a welcome change of pace.

Players assume the role of Ethan Winters, who ventures into a derelict plantation deep in Louisiana after receiving a message from his wife Mia who has been presumed dead for the past three years. What follows is a thrilling tale of survival as Ethan battles with the infected Baker family, as well as new enemies the Molded that act as this game’s version of zombies.

Each member of the Baker family is filled with personality. Jack Backer constantly chases you around the plantation. He’s never stopping no matter the amount of ammunition you put into his skull while chanting how you are now part of the family. The creepy Marguerite Baker patrols the grounds with an army of insects at her beck and call. Lucas Baker rounds out the trio as the insanely genius mechanic that pulls heavily from the Saw movies, ever intent of creating new and more interesting test for his subjects.

While these foes may seem overwhelming help comes in the form of the final Baker family member Zoe, who has somehow escaped the clutches that have befallen her family. With Zoe’s help it is up to Ethan to find a cure, save his wife and escape the now infested plantation all the while being followed by a mysterious old woman in a rocking chair. One of the most intense and well written stories within the entire series and is an impressive return to form for the series.

Along with the base game Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition also come complete with all the DLC packages included. Not a Hero, the free DLC still needs to be downloaded. Below I will mention each briefly starting from their initial release dates the first being Nightmare.

Nightmare is a pure survival rush, which offers a lot of replay ability which I enjoyed immensely. As Clancy the player must hold out until dawn against the likes of Jack, and various molded enemies using a home alone style of makeshift traps and weaponry, but to make these little trinkets you need scrap. Scrap comes in the form of multiple machines located around the basement that slowly produce it overtime, You’ll need a good balance of skill and resource management in order to survive the night as ammo only comes in the form of your precious scrap metal. Overall this was a really fun and addictive DLC showing shades of the classic Mercenaries mode from earlier games in the series with its own unique twist.

Bedroom takes a more puzzle-esq approach much reminiscent of the classic puzzles done in the Resident Evil style. Players once more assume the role of Clancy, now in the clutches of Marguerite. Bedroom will test your mental aptitude as well as your memory as Marguerite is one smart cookie and will notice even the slightest changes you’ve made as you attempt to escape your enclosure, the tension in this DLC is done to perfection as certain interacts in the room will raise Marguerite’s suspicions causing her to come running back to Clancy. A great addition to the package let down by its lack of replay value and shortness.

Ethan Must Die is the final DLC added in with Banned footage one and ends it in style, Ethan Must Die mode will really appeal to the hardcore crowd. As Ethan must push his way through the Baker estate with completely randomized items collected in the field in order to challenge Marguerite. This mode is incredibly hard with a modified lighting style and no map, a good memory of the house layout is key to completing this frustrating mode. Overall this mode has mixed results but is fun none the less.

21 as the name suggests is a blackjack minigame designed by the insane genius Lucas Baker, depicting Clancy Jarvis and lesser known character Hoffman in a deadly SAW style game of chance and survival. 21 is not just your standard game of blackjack where you simply want to get as close to the number in question, ever the psychopath Lucas loves to add his own little twist into the mix. This comes in the form of trump cards designed to manipulate the deck, a rather fun yet somewhat tedious mode with a lot of replay value.

Daughters is a retelling of how it all started, depicting the Baker families somewhat fast decent into madness upon saving Mia and Evie. Players assume the role of Zoe Baker as she frantically attempts to escape the nightmare slowly descending upon her family. While brief this DLC serves to fill in the gaps before Ethan’s story takes place a welcome addition overall.

Jack’s 55TH Birthday is the final addition to the line of Banned footage and is easily the most comical and silly DLC ever added into a Resident Evil game. Jack 55th is exactly what it says on the tin, its Jack’s birthday and he isn’t interested in presents only food, assuming the role of Mia players will run around the bakers estate collecting  various pieces of food while fighting off Molded all wearing  party hats. Jack’s 55th is somewhat of an odd ball to add to a horror game such as this but it is nice to see that not everything has to be either overly serious or terrifying to be enjoyable.

End of Zoe, this mode follows on from the canonical ending of RE7. Players assume the role of new character Joe Baker a grizzled U.S military man as he attempts to rescue his niece Zoe from the horrors of the E-mutamyte virus strain. Along with facing the likes of new mutated molded Joe will have to content with reoccurring bad guy dubbed Swamp Man. This new foe really calls back to the original Nemesis from Resident Evil 3; this menacing tower of a creature stalks Joe and Zoe throughout the DLC but holds a hidden secret that ultimately shows how much Joe cares about his family bonds. A nice end to the game that ties up the main story very well.

Not a Hero sees Chris tracking down the last of the baker family members Lucas in a crazy cat and mouse chase filled with tricks and traps at every turn. This DLC also clears up the ending from the main game explaining why Chris is now working for the titular company Umbrella, a more action oriented DLC compared to the rest and  while I’m thankful for the story explanation it  still left many questions to be answered leaving me longing for more answers.

In conclusion Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition is the complete package filled with many extra modes that offers genuinely fun gameplay and a ton of replay value to an already well crafted game. If you haven’t played this game before this is easily the version you should buy to add to your collection, this is one of the more fully fleshed out Resident evil games ever created. While the endings provided may prove to add more questions this only adds to my personal enjoyment of the game as a whole. An excellent piece of work with a return to the classic Resident Evil form, I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing more in the future.

Det Bra

  • The complete package with all DLC
  • Further backstory and lore
  • Multiple modes to play

Det Dåliga

  • Face models
  • Poorly imaged depictions of various insects
  • Goes from Survival to Action far too quickly

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