Final Fantasy XV

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Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition

The boys are back in town. Om du ännu inte har spelat Final Fantasy XV så är det dags nu. Royal Edition innehåller allt FFXV-material, inklusive alla DLC.

Once more thrust back into the world of Eos, Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition created by Square Enix (Business Division 2) follows the story of Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum 114th heir to the Lucian throne and his royal guard of Gladiolus Amicitia an imposing figure of strength acting as the king’s defender. Ignis Scientia an analytical and serious character acting as Noctis’s adviser and caretaker and Prompto Argentum rounds up the group acting as the heart of the group, lightening the experience as a stark contrast to the other members of the Royal Guard.

When events take a turn for the worst Noctis and his band of brothers must head out on a quest to fulfil an ancient order handed down the line of Lucis with supporting characters Lunafreya acting as Noctis’s guide as well as love interest Noctis will learn what it truly takes to lead a nation through a harrowing experience of treachery deceit, friendship, loyalty and love.

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition is the culmination of two years of additions and reworks, featuring a reworked Armingar system along with additional content and scenes added to the main game as well as content to complete once the main game has been cleared. Whether it’s hunting, playing pinball, chocobo racing or simply enjoying the stars as you camp out, Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition will keep you returning for more.

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition comes complete with all the characters additional Episodes explaining key events and experiences from the eyes of each member of our band of lovable rouges.

Episode Gladiolus

Included within Royal Edition, Episode Gladiolus is the first in a series of DLC content dedicated to each of the Crown’s guard members entrusted with the protection of Noctis. This episode follows Gladiolus’s departure during chapter 7 of the main game, fearing that he might not be strong enough to protect his king Gladiolus teams up with key supporting character Cor “The Immortal” to face not only a test of skill but also a test of spirit and courageousness that will set him down the path of becoming the King’s Shield.

Gladiolus himself is a force of power to be reckoned with a play much different to Noctis himself, this DLC is more about learning how to block and counter correctly then it is simply dodging. Gladiolus features a rage bar mechanic that increases with each successful hit and block that can lead to staggering glaive art abilities. While short this episode contains two additional modes a running trend of the episodic DLC in score attack a mode designed purely for speed running and Final trail vs. an old friend…

Episode Prompto

The second episode released but technically the third canonical episode. Episode Prompto takes place during chapter 12 and most of chapter 13 making it the longest time for a character for be separated from the main cast. Episode Prompto has some of the biggest spoilers throughout the entire episodic reign with several key moments that will have you recalling events from the main game. Episode Prompto serves to fully flesh out information obtained within chapter 12-13 that wasn’t fully explored. Dare you look deeper into the rabbit hole that is Episode Prompto? Equipped with a unique style of gun heavy action shooter gameplay, episode Prompto takes a more Metal Gear solid style of game-play with underlying hints of Resident Evil. Episode Prompto is the only episode that contains multiple objectives and comes complete with side missions as well as an upgrade system. Easily the longest of all the DLC’s release in this episodic set, Episode Prompto while having a different kind of gameplay style is easily one for the lore heads to get behind.

Episode Ignis

Is the final member to be covered within this episodic DLC package, needless to say this contains multiple spoilers,  much like episode Prompto this is designed to be played after the main game has been completed to avoid such spoilers. Episode Ignis takes place during the events of chapter 9, having been separated from Gladiolus and Prompto due to a twist of fate Ignis must push on forward in this thrilling tale showing not only the lengths Ignis will go to save his king but someone he regards as a brother.

Ignis is the master of technical skills and plays quite similar to Noctis thanks to the addition of a hook shot mechanic that acts much like Noctis’s warp drive, the key difference between these two characters however are that Ignis is much faster with his abilities. Making use of a unique magic system that has him switching his trademark spell daggers between fire ice and lightning coupled with his Total Clarity ability gives a truly breathtaking experience. As with each episode in this collection completion unlocks further modes attires and weapons that can be used within the main game, however Episode Ignis is the only episode within the series that comes with a multiple endings in the form of Extra Verse mode. While these endings aren’t considered cannon, it doesn’t take away the pure beauty that this episode displays overall.


Comrades is the final additional DLC added in to the game, Comrades features you creating your own version of a Crown’s guard member suffering from the effects of amnesia. Tasked with protecting and returning power to the last bastion of civilization after the events of chapter 13 within the main game.

Comrades is an interesting experience much like Noctis the player can use the warp strike mechanic as well as use any glaive they wish to choose from unlike the main party cast members. Heavily designed with multiplayer in mind Comrades comprises of multiple hunts and quests within a small environment in the players attempt to collect Meteor shards, with daily quests and multiple unlocks in the form of weapons attire Comrades is a genuinely fun experience with quick loading times and a vast community of players to roam around Eos with.


In Conclusion Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition is one of the most complete Final Fantasy games within the series, with all the additional content available from the start of the game along with a host of somewhat debatable overpowered starting weapons from the get go make this a truly breathtaking experience with some of the most well designed characters and environments in an RPG to date. However with this said the numerous glitches such as vanishing characters and the now infamous chapter 13 did become quite irritating after a while. That being said while annoying it didn’t take away from the immense pleasure this game provided for me, truly a game for old hats and new giving one of the best RPG experiences to date.

Det Bra

  • Well crafted characters and world
  • Unique combat system for each character
  • Tons of additional content to do after main game

Det Dåliga

  • Poor/Confusing camera angles
  • Frequent glitches with characters getting stuck
  • Chapter 13

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